SEOToolSet Certification Test

The SEOToolSet certification test is designed to assess your search engine optimization skills, SEOToolSet proficiency and knowledge of ethical optimization best practices. To fully evaluate your SEO knowledge, the SEOToolSet certification test includes various multiple choice and true/false questions, as well as hands-on exercises and essay questions.

Anyone can take the certification test 30 days after completion of the SEOToolSet Advanced Certification Course. All qualified candidates will be emailed a login to take the SEOToolSet certification test online.

There are two parts to the certification test:

  • Part 1 tests your knowledge of SEO tools, methodology, and the basic and advanced optimization concepts introduced in the SEOToolSet Training course. There is a two-hour time limit on this portion of the test.
  • Part 2 asks you to answer multiple-choice, short-answer and essay questions, and perform hands-on exercises that demonstrate your ability to research competitors, analyze websites, and interact ethically with clients.

Qualified candidates are allowed three attempts to pass the test. Only upon successful completion of the certification test will you be eligible to apply for the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst certificate.

Since the industry changes quickly and we never set it and forget it, we suggest that Certified Analysts take Standard and Advanced training as a refresher and take the online exam annually to renew certification. Returning SEOToolSet Certified Analysts receive a 25% discount on refresher training.

SEOToolSet SEO Certification Test FAQ

  • Why do I have to wait 30 days to take the SEOToolSet SEO certification test?
  • Our goal is to ensure that every one of our SEOToolSet Certified Analysts knows their stuff. Putting 30 days between the last day of Advanced training and the day of the test allows you to spend some time becoming an SEOToolSet power user, and it allows us to create a testing experience that truly tests your engaged comprehension of SEO methodologies — not just your ability to recite best practices learned days or hours before in training.

  • How long will it take me to complete the SEOToolSet certification test online?
  • Some applicants will move through the test more quickly than others. People usually take the two parts of the SEOToolSet certification test separately. Part 1 may take up to the two-hour time limit, and Part 2 generally takes about one hour to complete.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a SEOToolSet Certified Analyst?
  • Learn about the many benefits of being an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst.

  • What are the benefits of renewing my SEOToolSet certification?
  • Along with maintaining your certification among your skills and achievements on your LinkedIn profile and résumé, the benefits of renewing SEOToolSet certification extend to your own education, opportunities, and how you are perceived by employers and clients.

    During the face-to-face Advanced training, attendees have time to ask questions and seek personalized advice from industry-leading SEO professionals. Certified Analysts stay on top of industry changes, an advantage when doing the day-to-day work of search marketing. Renewal of SEOToolSet certification is an achievement recognized by decision makers and potential employers for its demonstration of continued commitment to learning and being the best of the best.

  • Since there’s no industry standard for SEO certification, why should I trust the legitimacy of this test?
  • The SEOToolSet certification program does not claim to be a definitive SEO or business ethics credential. Receiving SEOToolSet certification is an industry nod of approval from the internationally-renowned founding father of SEO, Bruce Clay. The power of this test is witnessed in the personal, employer, and client confidence it inspires due to an SEO methodology proven through 19 years of industry experience. Becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst gives you tools, skills and confidence to do your job better.

  • How much does it cost to go through the SEOToolSet certification program?
  • The total cost of becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst is $2,990, plus various travel expenses associated with travelling to classroom sessions — this includes $1,795 for Standard training plus $1,195 for Advanced training and access to the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst test.

    The cost to renew your SEOToolSet Certified Analyst credential (not including travel expenses) is $895 annually. This is the cost of the Advanced training taken as a refresher course with a returning student discount and access to the Certified Analyst test.