How to Become an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst

Becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst independently, or as part of a corporate team, lets your clients and colleagues know that you have the SEO tools, training and commitment needed to practice high quality, ethical SEO.

There are five steps in the SEOToolSet SEO training and certification program:

  1. Learn Basic and Advanced SEO Methodology: Step 1 requires that you commit to learning Bruce Clay’s time-tested methodology by attending our Standard and Advanced SEOToolSet SEO training and certification courses (4.5 days in all). In this training, you learn how to achieve top search engine rankings with the SEOToolSet and effective, search engine-friendly SEO techniques.

    The SEOToolSet certification program allows attendees and trainers to engage face-to-face. To ensure each student receives an ample amount of one-on-one time to ask questions, we commit to teaching every one of our internationally renowned SEOToolSet Training courses in a classroom setting.

  2. SEO analyst certification graphic
  3. Get Hands-On with the SEOToolSet Suite: After you have completed your SEOToolSet certification training, you will have 30 days to dig into the SEOToolSet suite of tools and become a power user. This step is done on your own time in preparation for the next step — the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst certification test.
  4. Agree to Conduct Your Practice Ethically: Step 3 asks SEOToolSet Training graduates to faithfully agree to abide by the principles outlined in the SEOToolSet Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. We refuse to certify individuals who practice deceptive SEO tactics that harm clients, search engines or the SEO/SEM industry.
  5. Take the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst Certification Test: After 30 days, qualified analysts will be emailed a login to take the SEO certification test online. You will be allowed three attempts to pass the test. Learn more about the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst test.
  6. Apply for Certification: After you have successfully completed Part 1 and Part 2 of the SEOToolSet certification test, you will receive a congratulatory email from Bruce Clay, Inc. This email contains your unique Certified Analyst identification number and a registration link. We use the information collected in this application form to mail you your Certified Analyst certificate. Filling out the online application form is the fifth and final step in the process!

Becoming SEOToolSet certified involves hard work and dedication; where’s the value in an easy certification that anyone can get in an hour or less? The SEOToolSet certification program was made for hard-working analysts who are dedicated to superior performance — for themselves and their clients. We ask that only analysts who are willing to go the extra mile to be the best they can be apply.

If at any time we see or hear about spam tactics being employed on your website, we reserve the right to formally revoke your SEOToolSet certification.

How Do I Renew My SEOToolSet Certified Analyst Certification?

The SEO industry is in a constant state of growth and change. As such, we need to be in a continual state of growth and change.

To help you stay on top of industry variability, your SEOToolSet Certified Analyst certification is renewable at a discount price every year. Here is the certification renewal process:

  1. Refresh Your Skills: Take the SEOToolSet Standard and Advanced Training Courses to refine your skills and learn about pertinent changes in the industry. Returning SEOToolSet Certified Analysts receive a 25% discount on training; during the registration process, select the special discount given to returning students.
  2. Take the Certification Test: After completing the Advanced Training course, you will receive an email with a login to re-take the test and renew certification.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Become an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst?

The total cost of becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst is $2,990, plus various travel expenses associated with travelling to classroom sessions. This price includes $1,795 for Standard training plus $1,195 for Advanced certification training and access to the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst test.

The cost to renew your SEOToolSet Certified Analyst credential is $2,242.50 annually (total includes 25% returning student discount), plus travel expenses associated with in-person class time. This price includes the Standard and Advanced Training courses and access to the Certified Analyst test.

All training attendees receive a one-year free subscription to SEOToolSet Pro.