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Our SEOToolSet® Version 5

Search Engine Optimization Tools: SEOToolSetVersion 5 is a collection of indispensible advanced SEO tools. These include:

  • Integrated research tools.
  • A comprehensive page analyzer.
  • An exceptionally fast search engine ranking monitor.
  • Several detailed ranking report modules.
  • Initial link analysis.

... And more. Robust and feature-rich, these are some of the best search engine marketing tools on the market. 

"SEO without the best tools is like doing brain surgery with a hammer."

- Bruce Clay, Founder of Bruce Clay, Inc.

We have priced our organic search engine optimization tools for the masses, starting at $29.95 per month. Try them risk-free with our 30-day trial.

The tools are newer, faster, better and more affordable than before. The Version 5 release supports 22 languages, queries Google, Yahoo! and Bing worldwide with other engines added often. The SEO tools run on our servers and not your desktop, and includes people for technical support. The tools are super fast, easy to use, and have the quality you'd expect from a much more expensive product. 

The following is a sample of the features you get ...

Research Your Site and Competition

Research Summary: Specify your research keywords and the top results are reported for each engine, combined and sorted by what pages appear most often. The output from this search engine optimization tool may be analyzed in the Multi Page Analyzer tool as well. 

Site Checker: Performs several different page requests and compares the returned error codes and content. The tool:

  • Reports server header information.
  • Detects and follows redirects.
  • Exposes performance issues (ping time).
  • Displays your robots.txt file.
  • Checks for user-agent cloaking.

Run it on your site, or your competition's.

Suggest Keywords: Enter a keyword phrase and this tool recommends targeted phrases that you might want to optimize for search engine placement. Not included in our Lite Subscription.

As an exceptionally powerful research tool, you will find great targeted terms, as well as other terms that you may want to exclude from your PPC or paid search engine placement campaigns.

Try them risk-free with our 30-day trial using code SEOTOOLS12.


Analyze Your Page Construction

Single Page Analyzer: View a thorough analysis of your Web pages. This report:

  • Shows frequency, density and location information for single word and multiword phrases.
  • Lists the top keywords used in your content.
  • Identifies where on the page these words are used.
  • Presents the density for each word in the various categories:
    • Title tag
    • Description tag
    • Keywords tag
    • ALT attributes
    • Headings
    • Two categories for the body copy

Following our search engine ranking methodology, review these reports and Web pages to see what you need to change, remove or add to your pages.

Multi Page Analyzer: Analyze several top-ranked Web pages for keyword usage and optimization. This tool forms a profile of those pages - a footprint of what the search engines are rewarding. It accepts the top-ranked site list from the Research Report and analyzes those pages.  Multi Page Analyzer is not included in our Lite Subscription.

Try them risk-free with our 30-day trial using the code SEOTOOLS12.


Search Engine Ranking Monitor

Ranking Monitor: Queries the major search engines and produce reports concerning the SEO ranking of various pages from your site. Specify your site URL and this tool will extract the rankings from the search engines for your project keywords. The output from this tool may be repeatedly analyzed in the Ranking Reports.

The process involves performing singular keyword/ keyword phrase searches through a search engine, and then finding where your site ranks. This process is repeated for as many keyword/ keyword phrases as you are keeping track of. This is compounded by the number of search engines you are keeping track of. 

If you are starting to think that this is a daunting task, you are right. This is where automated tools come in handy. One of the SEO tools we use here at Bruce Clay, Inc. is the Search Engine Ranking Monitor. On your command or on a schedule, this tool goes out and repeats this iterative process for all of your keyword/ keyword phrases.

Our tool automatically pulls your assigned keywords from the SEOToolSet® and runs until completion. While there are many other useful SEO software tools out there, our Search Engine Ranking Monitor makes this task just that much simpler. 

Click on the "Run Monitor" button at any time after your initial set-up and simply walk away. The monitor will run through all of your assigned keywords until it is done compiling your SEO rankings.

How fast is our monitor? Depending upon the number of keywords, our monitor commonly processes in excess of 100 keywords per minute. 

The more keywords you have, the faster our monitor will run. Have 200 keywords? Under 2 minutes is almost real-time!

Try it for 30 days, risk-free with code SEOTOOLS12.


Report and Analyze your Search Engine Results

Domain Ranking Report: View the Ranking Report for a domain and compare historical rankings. This report produces a cross-tabulation table of keywords by search engines to show you the best ranking page for each keyword phrase. Click on a keyword and analyze the specific pages that are ranking.

Ranking Report by Keyword: View the Ranking Report for each keyword. Click on a page URL and analyze the specific keyword phrases that page is ranking for.  Not included in our Lite Subscription.

Ranking Report by Page Name: View the Ranking Report for each page name. Click on a page URL and analyze the specific keyword phrases that page is ranked for.  Not included in our Lite Subscription.

History Report: View a history recap of the prior recorded Ranking Reports. This report provides the history of inbound links and pages indexed in Google, Yahoo! and Bing over time. 

Try these SEO ranking tools risk-free for 30 days with code SEOTOOLS12.


Develop a Multi-Purpose Links List

Link Analysis: This SEO software program produces a report of the links to the specified site as reported by the major search engines. These reports are valuable in identifying sites linking to your competition, thus potential sources for your links. Not included in our Lite Subscription.

Try them risk-free for 30 days with code SEOTOOLS12.

If you do not like the organic search engine optimization tools during the first 30 days of the subscription you may cancel and receive a full refund of the fees charged, no questions asked. Isn't your site worth $29.95 per month?

If you're looking for additional management of your SEO rankings, then have a look at our search engine optimization services.