Search Engine Optimization Training Courses from SEOToolSet®

Who Will Benefit from SEO Training Class?

SEO has become an integral skill for successful business online. Consumers use search engines to conduct transactions and to research future purchases. If your business is not making efforts to improve visibility in search engines, it is missing major opportunities.

The information covered in SEOToolSet® Training Course will advance your practice of reaching consumers online and is especially valuable to the following:

  • Small and mid-sized business owners with or without websites planning to do online marketing themselves.
  • Marketing managers overseeing SEO. Understanding SEO fundamentals helps the whole marketing team support requirements related to increased search traffic.
  • IT professionals and Web designers seeking to enhance search engine crawlability of websites and applications.
  • Novice SEOs seeking best practices and tools to help perform search engine-approved optimization.
  • SEOs seeking updated information on Google's constantly changing technologies, infrastructure, algorithms, platforms and guidelines.
  • SEOs seeking credentials that set them apart for adherence to search engine guidelines and ethical behavior on behalf of clients.

Completion of the advanced SEO training course confers eligibility to become an SEOToolSet® Certified Analyst, Organization or Partner upon passing our certification exam.

Register online for the SEO courses or call us at 866-517-1900 to reserve your seat in SEO training.

What Will I Learn from Standard SEO Training?

Attendees of SEOToolSet® standard training can expect to walk away from the three-day course with an understanding of:

  • The various ways customers may be searching for businesses online.
  • The various search channels, including organic search, paid search, local search, and multi-media search verticals for which a business can be ranked.
  • Search engines' ranking algorithm factors, including on-page elements, site architecture and off-page elements.
  • How to optimize a business website and online presence to increase the likelihood of ranking for relevant search verticals.
  • SEO tactics that search engines considered to be unfairly manipulative and thus may be punished with low rankings or deindexation.

What Will I Learn from Advanced SEO Training?

Attendees of SEOToolSet® advanced training and certification course can expect to walk away from the day-and-a-half course with an understanding of:
  • The data collected and analysis performed by each tool in the SEOToolSet®.
  • Hands-on application of data provided by the SEO Tools as gained by an in-class lab.
  • What is expected to pass SEOToolSet® certification testing.

Further details of the SEOToolSet® training course agenda and the topics covered are available.

Where and When is SEOToolSet® Training Held?

In the U.S., the SEOToolSet® training course is held in Simi Valley, California almost every month. View directions to our West Coast location and the schedule of upcoming training dates. The search engine optimization training courses are based on the methodology performed by SEO company Bruce Clay, Inc. 

For more on the cost, schedule and curriculum visit Course Information or call us at 866-517-1900.