SEOToolSet Certification

SEOToolSet certified stamp
Becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst enables you to show your clients, colleagues and employers that you are passionate about performing ethical, user-friendly search engine optimization.

Education must precede qualification. The Bruce Clay SEO Training program is the first requirement that must be met for you to become an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst.

Taught by world-renowned search-industry leader Bruce Clay, the training consists of 4.5 days of in-person training followed by a comprehensive SEO certification exam that can be completed online. To maintain the certification, analysts must attend the 4.5-day training each year and pass an annual refresher exam that gives them the opportunity to test their skills against new developments within the industry.

Know that the SEOToolSet certification program does not claim to be the definitive SEO or business ethics credential. In fact, at this time there is no universally accepted, standardized process for search engine optimization certification. With all the scammers in the world, we acknowledge and appreciate when an analyst has a natural skepticism of SEO certifications. While we can’t — and never will — claim that our SEOToolSet SEO certification program offers the definitive, industry-standardized SEO credential, we believe there is great value in becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst.

Credential of SEO Skills and Tools

Receiving SEOToolSet Certification means you are receiving an industry nod of approval from an internationally renowned founding father of SEO, Bruce Clay. Backed by more than 20 years of industry experience, the power of this certification can truly be witnessed in the personal, employer, and client confidence it inspires. While we can’t promise this certification will result in a raise or infinite industry fame (no SEO certificate program can make that claim), we can promise becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst will give you the tools, skills and confidence you need to do your job better.

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