SEOToolSet® Certification & SEO SEM Certification

Earn the SEOToolSet® Certification to demonstrate your expertise in search engine optimization with the SEOToolSet® and your commitment to performing ethical, search engine- friendly SEO.

While SEOToolSet® Certification is not an industry standard (nor does it seek to be), it does indicate that as an SEO specialist, you have set a personal standard for yourself. You use the SEOToolSet®, a powerful set of SEO tools, to your advantage. You have been trained on the latest tools and you will continue to receive additional SEO training every year. 

You passed the certification exam. You promise to uphold the SEOToolSet® Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. SEOToolSet® Certification attests to the fact that you are thoroughly invested in being an upstanding member of the SEO community, and you are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the search engines, the SEO/SEM industry, and yourself as a business professional.

SEOToolSet® Certification

Whether you are an independent SEO consultant, the head of a search engine optimization company, an entrepreneur who optimizes your own website, or part of the search engine marketing team at a major corporation, we have an SEOToolSet® Certification that recognizes and inspires confidence in your skills.

SEOToolSet® offers the following certification:

Certified Analyst — Individual Analyst with SEOToolSet® Certification

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Benefits of the SEOToolSet® Certification

With the SEOToolSet® Certification program, you receive:

  • Industry recognition of your search engine optimization training and proficiency with SEOToolSet®.
  • An SEOToolSet® Certificate and seal that identifies you as a Certified Professional to colleagues or clients.
  • A listing in our directory of certified practitioners with a direct link to your website.
  • Yearly refresher courses to keep you on top of the latest advances in search engine optimization technology.
  • A year-long subscription to SEOToolSet® with FREE accounts. Plus, you receive a special discounted rate on all additional accounts.
  • A monthly newsletter with the latest search engine news and advanced optimization tips.

How to Become SEOToolSet® Certified

  1. Attend both the three-day SEOToolSet® Training Course and the 1.5 day SEOToolSet® Certification Course.
  2. Use the SEOToolSet® and practice the search engine optimization tactics you learned for at least 30 days.
  3. Apply for SEOToolSet® Certification.
  4. Pass the SEOToolSet® Certification exam.

After you are certified, you will receive the full benefits of an SEOToolSet® Certified Analyst, which can be renewed each year by taking an Annual Refresher Course.

Take the first step towards certification and enroll in our SEOToolSet® Training Course today!