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SEO Tools, Training and Certification
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The Story behind SEOToolSet

In January 1996, Bruce Clay began helping websites rank in search engines. With his background in math and engineering, it wasn’t long before Bruce figured out a more efficient way to analyze a web page. He programmed the first-ever software tool for keyword analysis. That simple program led to others, and soon the tools produced by Bruce Clay, Inc. were in high demand as the fledgling SEO industry grew. Even today, the tradition continues — you’ll find many free SEO tools on this site.

By 1999, search engine optimization as a field was exploding. As during the Gold Rush, enterprising opportunity seekers sought a stake in top search engine rankings. And in those Wild West days, rules and best practices were hard to come by. People trying to rank in search results tried all kinds of tactics that went against the best interests of web users. Manipulative techniques, known as spam, abounded.

That’s when Bruce had an idea. The industry needed solid training in effective and ethical SEO.

Bruce started sharing his SEO know-how along with his tools. The first SEOToolSet Training was held in 2000, and the following year Bruce penned the SEO Code of Ethics that has since been translated into 18 languages. Offering a way to become an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst soon followed, which is a certification for marketing professionals committed to following ethical SEO standards to “do no harm” to their clients.

Since then, thousands of attendees have learned SEO methodology and best practices in Bruce Clay’s SEO Training courses around the world.

SEO Tools & Training to Equip Digital Marketers

Digital marketing now encompasses an array of skills that must include search engine optimization. It’s expected that everyone who touches the online business, from web developers to the CMO, understand at least the principles of SEO. And those on the team specifically tasked with SEO need powerful tools to track progress and make sure the site stays visible in search results.

SEOToolSet Training courses and tools answer these needs for many, many businesses. Now in its sixth generation, the SEOToolSet remains software created by SEOs, for SEOs! Subscribe for a low monthly fee OR use the SEOToolSet for free — because attendees of our SEOToolSet Training not only learn what they need to know about SEO, but also get a free 1-year subscription to the tools.

Find out more about SEOToolSet tools and training — your first steps to a confident website strategy!

SEO Training Schedule

Location of SEO Training
in Southern California

Upcoming training dates and locations:

California Classes
  • July 16–20, 2018
Conference Workshops
  • 2018 conference dates have passed. Check back for 2019 dates.
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