Why Become an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst?

Testimonial by certified analyst

Whether you are an independent SEO consultant, the head of a search engine optimization firm, an entrepreneur who optimizes your own website, or part of the search engine marketing team at a major corporation, you can benefit from becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst.

6 Reasons You Should Become a Certified SEO Analyst

  1. Expand your SEO skill set. SEO is a multi-faceted practice that requires analysts to regularly use a wide range of skills. To help you expand your skillset and establish yourself as a knowledgeable, ethical search engine marketing professional, the SEOToolSet analyst certification program covers the most basic — and most advanced — elements of SEO in the SEOToolSet Training portion of the certification process.
  2. SEOToolSet Certified Analysts — and their employers — can feel confident knowing they have been trained in the art of organic on-page optimization, video optimization, local search, link building, competitive research, performance analysis, online reputation management, persona research, search engine penalties, technical SEO, siloing, plus much more.

  3. Learn from the best. Every element of the analyst certification program is hand-selected by a founding father of SEO, Bruce Clay, and backed by nearly two decades of hands-on industry experience.
  4. Get powerful SEO tools for free. Along with extensive training on how to use the SEOToolSet suite of optimization tools, our certification program gives you a one-year free subscription to SEOToolSet Pro for up to 7 website projects.

    Tool training and instant access to the SEOToolSet give you the opportunity to immediately begin implementing the technical and organic SEO skills you’ve acquired (or sharpened) by achieving SEOToolSet Certified Analyst status.

  5. Put a spotlight on your work ethic. It takes dedication to become an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst. By becoming SEOToolSet certified, you show potential employers and clients that you have set a high standard of excellence for yourself, and that you are willing to go the extra mile to be the best you can be.

    Since SEOToolSet certification is renewable every year, becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst also sends the message that you are committed to investing in your industry and your SEO education annually.

  6. Set yourself apart. The SEOToolSet Certified Analyst program is a dynamic program that keeps applicants engaged with in-person classroom education, hands-on tool experience, a comprehensive online exam, and a professional (human!) review of each and every applicant’s web property to ensure certification is only awarded to ethical SEO practitioners. This approach to SEO certification is very hands-on, and helps us make sure only the best of the best receive the Certified Analyst title.
  7. Claim a respected certification among your industry peers. Completion of the SEOToolSet certification program attests to the fact that you are thoroughly invested in being an ethical SEO analyst, and that you are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the search engines, the SEO/SEM industry, and yourself as a business professional. Add the SEOToolSet Certified Analyst badge to your website or resume to show colleagues and clients that you are a Bruce Clay-certified SEO professional.

Interested in becoming an SEOToolSet Certified Analyst? Learn more about what the program entails by visiting our How to Become a Certified Analyst information page, or take the first step toward analyst certification by registering for our SEOToolSet Training Course.