About the SEOToolSet Code of Ethics
and Code of Conduct

If this is your first introduction to the SEOToolSet Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, we ask that you think of these documents as two guards standing back to back in defense of ethical SEO. One guard — the SEO Code of Ethics — stands tall to safeguard your client’s well-being, while the other guard — the SEO Code of Conduct — strives to secure the well-being of search engine users.

It should be understood that in the creation and presentation of these codes, it is not our intention to set a standard for an industry. We are not the law, and we are not trying to be. We cannot presume to speak for people who practice spam tactics, nor do we intend to condemn or control them. Instead, our intention is to set our own personal standards of behavior, encourage others to follow our ethical SEO lead, and let it be known that we think the short-sighted spammer approach hurts our industry and is unnecessary.

With the publication of these two policies, we would like to extend an invitation for you to voluntarily stand with Bruce Clay, Inc. in adherence to our self-imposed guidelines for responsible and ethical SEO conduct. If you agree with the principles outlined in the below policies, please feel free to link to this page or otherwise share these policies to indicate your voluntary compliance.

  1. Read the SEO Code of Ethics

  2. Read the SEO Code of Conduct

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Help Us Fight Spam! Report Policy Abusers

If you ever witness a SEOToolSet Certified Analyst using spam tactics that violate our SEO Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct policies, please let us know using our contact form.