SEOToolSet News: Version 6.1 Launches

October 6, 2016: SEOToolSet 6.1 is live today!

Existing SEOToolSet subscribers have immediate access to the new software features listed below.

Version 6.1 also ushers in a new pricing structure that makes the full tool set more affordable and eliminates the “Lite” option for new subscribers. Read on for all the details!

More Insights with New Data

We enhanced our two most-used tools, the Ranking Monitor and the Single Page Analyzer, to give users important new data.

  • Ranking data: The Ranking Monitor now uses different sources for rankings. Our testing shows that the new data is more accurate and complete. Note: Your Ranking Reports may show some fluctuation if you compare data before and after the 6.1 release.
  • Mobile info: The Single Page Analyzer has some important enhancements. First, a new Mobile tab analyzes the page for mobile-friendliness, mobile page speed, and shows a screen shot of the mobile view (similar to what you’d see in the Google Search Console Mobile-Friendly Test).
  • Render JavaScript: The Single Page Analyzer now can include JavaScript content when analyzing a page. Click the Render JavaScript box when starting the tool. Google is increasingly able to read JavaScript on a page, while other search engines are still catching up. This handy option lets you analyze pages with or without JavaScript to help you optimize content for different engines.

Changes to Pricing

There’s good news for subscribers! Fees are going down, and there’s no more Pro and Lite in SEOToolSet 6.1.

  • Lower monthly subscription fees: Instead of $89/month for up to two projects, the standard subscription fee for SEOToolSet 6.1 is now just $24.95 a month per project. So if you have two projects, your new cost could be $49.90/month instead of $89.00 — a big savings! Paid subscribers can expect the new 6.1 pricing to take effect this month, with their October billing.
  • No more free sign-ups: Because subscribing is so much more affordable, we no longer offer a “Lite” option for new users. (Existing Lite accounts will continue as long as they actively use the tools, but an upgrade is required to get new features.)
  • Google API key no longer required: Subscribers no longer have to provide a Google API key to run the Ranking Monitor. For many, this means eliminating the separate monthly fee to Google for its application program interface (API). The SEOToolSet fees to use the Ranking Monitor still apply; accounts are charged 1 cent per keyword per engine each time the Ranking Monitor runs, after the first 100 for free each month.
Log in to the SEOToolSet to explore the new Single Page Analyzer features!

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