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Take the deepest dive into SEO data available with any tool set on the market. The SEOToolSet® doesn’t try to be an all-in-one Swiss army knife. It’s not meant to replace tools you may already be using that monitor everything from your social reach to your calorie intake. Instead, the SEOToolSet focuses on organic search engine optimization — giving SEOs the in-depth tools and reports they need most!

Software Tools by SEOs, for SEOs

The SEOToolSet is made by SEOs, for SEOs. Created based on years of SEO experience and now in its sixth generation, SEOToolSet software tools are developed by the team at Bruce Clay Inc. to use with client projects. Here are some of the ways this software makes the job of SEO easier:

  • Compare your webpages to the top-ranked competitors’ and to SEO best practices using site and page analysis tools.
  • Schedule the Ranking Monitor to track your SERP rankings data from search engine markets worldwide and see your progress over time.
  • Proactively uncover issues that could impede search engine indexing with SEOToolSet’s proprietary site spider.
  • Check critical page elements and easily search across your website to save time making site edits.
  • Sort data tables by any column, paginated from 10 to 100 rows per page, and print or export in bulk to CSV format for use in spreadsheets.
  • Reveal your site’s internal linking structure and siloing visually with the SEOToolSet’s link graph.
  • Monitor your link profile health accurately through an integration with Majestic.

PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS INCLUDED: If you run a WordPress site, the integrated Bruce Clay SEO plugin for WordPress gives you real-time SEO analysis, custom recommendations, and Google analytics right within WordPress! Along with your SEOToolSet subscription, this plugin is available to download at no additional charge.

No other tool set provides more thorough data and reports focused on advanced SEO analysis. See our SEOToolSet Features page to preview the long list of tools.

Even better, try them for your website risk-free. The first 7 days are free!

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This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10698961.

Getting Started with SEOToolSet

Use Better SEO Tools

By the way, if you’re looking for free SEO tools, you’ll find plenty of lightweight versions to try out on our Free Tools page.

But if you’re ready to start optimizing for higher organic search engine rankings, sign up for SEOToolSet and start analyzing your site right away!

Try SEOToolSet Risk-Free

You can take the full-version SEOToolSet for a test drive with our 7-day free trial.

So try out the many powerful SEO tools and reports to optimize your website. There’s no commitment required. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Start Off in High Gear with Training

If you are experienced in organic search engine optimization, you should be able to pick up these SEO tools and start moving your SEO strategy forward right away. However, we highly recommend you attend our SEO training, especially if you plan to be a long-term user of this SEO software.

The Bruce Clay SEO Training course is based on the successful SEO methodologies used at Bruce Clay, Inc. During the 4.5-day class, you’ll learn Bruce Clay’s proven SEO methodology and how to use the SEOToolSet.

Designed and often taught by SEO pioneer Bruce Clay, the course is continuously updated to keep up with search engines and SEO best practices. You’ll learn how to apply the tools to your web projects as well as advanced SEO principles.

Best reason yet — Taking the SEO Training course gives you a free SEOToolSet subscription for a year!