SEOToolSet News: Yahoo rankings and Google PageRank data to be removed

Two changes will affect the SEOToolSet in March 2016 as a result of Yahoo and Google decisions.

1. Yahoo API Removal

Yahoo has decided to close down the API (application program interface) that the SEOToolSet uses to pull Yahoo rankings data, as of the end of March 2016. As a result, the Ranking Monitor will no longer be able to collect data for Yahoo search engine markets.

If your Ranking Monitor is configured to include Yahoo, you will continue to be able to view Yahoo data in stored (past) Domain Ranking reports; however, Yahoo data will not be collected in future reports. The removal of Yahoo may cause your ranking graphs to shift. For instance, if you rank very high in Google but not in Bing and Yahoo, removing Yahoo data will cause your ranking percentages to go up (i.e., Google will constitute a higher percentage of the total). Conversely, if you are highly ranked in Bing and Yahoo but not in Google, your ranking chart will go down. And if you are ranked pretty evenly across search engines now, your chart may go up or down, but the effect may be minimal to your overall rankings.

You’ll notice changes to the following SEOToolSet reports/tools:

  • Project List, Project Dashboard
    Ranking Graphs will change (as explained above).
  • Project Settings
    All Yahoo Markets will be removed from the Monitor Settings.
  • Research Summary
    Yahoo columns will be removed.
  • Multi Page Analyzer
    Yahoo columns for “Off-page Ranking Factors” will be removed.
  • Ranking Monitor Reports (all)
    Ranking graphs will change going forward to remove Yahoo.
    Yahoo rankings will not be available in future monitor runs

2. Google PageRank Removal

Google has announced it is eliminating its toolbar PageRank as of March 2016. Since the SEOToolSet obtains PageRank data through a Google API, we are expecting this piece of data to be discontinued. The “PR” value shown on various reports will no longer be available.


The SEOToolSet is committed to obtaining rankings data through authorized APIs, in accordance with search engine guidelines. This allows us to provide the most reliable and unbiased data for our subscribers in a sustainable, search engine-friendly product that is continuously being improved.

If you have any questions about the coming changes, contact us at