SEOToolSet® Pricing

With today’s SEOToolSet®, we decided to do something extraordinary. We slashed the subscription plans down to just ONE. Not since its first release in 1997 has SEOToolSet pricing been this simple — including a 7-day free trial!


Here’s what you get with your SEOToolSet subscription:

  • Site spidering to 5 clicks deep
  • Link graph to visualize internal linking structure
  • Single Page Analyzer tool
  • Multi Page Analyzer tool
  • Keyword research and traffic tools
  • Website checker
  • Crawl errors report
  • Ranking Monitor and reports on keyword rankings in search engine markets worldwide (each keyword run in Google costs $.01*)
  • Competitor report (included with Ranking Monitor)
  • Ability to add competitors to track retroactively (included with Ranking Monitor)
  • Keyword trending report (with Ranking Monitor)
  • Link reports for historical, inbound and external linking (requires Majestic subscription OR $20/month**)
  • All data tables can be sorted and exported
  • Bruce Clay SEO plugin integrated with your SEOToolSet project (for WordPress users)

*What is a keyword run? A keyword run is counted every time the SEOToolSet calls a search engine API for ranking data. While Bing API calls are provided to SEOToolSet users at no cost, Google ranking data is provided for an additional cost after the first 100 Google keyword runs per month. Individual API calls are required for each Google market. For example, reporting the rankings of a single keyword in Google U.S. and Google Mexico would be two keywords runs. 

**Extra charges for Link Reports are waived for a Bruce Clay SEO Training attendee’s free subscription. Read more below.

Special: Get a Free Subscription with SEO Training

Want a true win-win? Take one of Bruce Clay’s SEO Training courses and get your SEOToolSet subscription free for a year! Our classroom-style SEO courses combine tools instruction with an education in ethical SEO that’s second to none. More than 5,000 people have taken Bruce Clay SEO Training courses around the world!

You’ll learn Bruce Clay’s industry-leading search engine optimization methodology. You’ll also receive a free, one-year subscription to the SEOToolSet including link reports and free ranking checks for up to 100 keywords in the Ranking Monitor.

Wondering “Why was I charged for my SEOToolSet use this month?”

As a training account subscriber, your SEOToolSet pricing is free for a year; the only cost you might incur is for the Ranking Monitor. The first 100 keyword runs monitored in Google markets are free; after that, each Google keyword run costs $.01. See notes above for details.


Number of Projects You Get with a Training Subscription

The number of projects included with your training account subscription depends on which training course you take:

  • 1-day SEO

    1 project
    free for a year
  • 4.5-day Bruce Clay SEO Training course:
    3 projects
    free for a year

This is the best deal possible for getting up-to-date training AND tools! Find out the dates, locations and registration information for SEO Training.