SEOToolSet® — Your SEO Swiss Army Knife

Bruce Clay, Inc.'s SEO software tools are a smart addition to any SEO tool box. Created from years of SEO experience and methodologies, the SEOToolSet® includes the following tools and reporting, and starts at just $29.95 per month for our Lite edition:

  • Research Summary: Shows your competition online across all search engines for a particular keyword.
  • Single Page Analyzer: A thorough analysis of your web page that looks at keyword usage and reviews your on-page optimization techniques. Helps you identify keyword density, distribution and the formatting of your Meta tags.
  • Multi Page Analyzer: This SEO tool works like the single page analyzer but works to interpret the optimization techniques of the top-ranked sites for a particular keyword, so you can see what your competition is up to.
  • Site Checker Tool: Checks your server header, detects follows and redirects, exposes performance issues, display robots.txt file and checks for user-agent cloaking. you can even run it on your competition's site. 
  • Keyword Selection Tool: This powerful SEO tool finds the targeted as well as other term you might want to exclude from things like your PPC campaign. 
  • Search Engine Ranking Monitor: The fastest search engine ranking tool on the market,  this tool extracts unfiltered and unbiased rankings for your site per keyword across search engines. 
  • Domain Ranking Report: This SEO report shows which keywords your site is ranking for across every search engine.
  • Ranking Report by Keyword: This tool reports which pages are ranking for each keyword in every search engine.
  • Ranking Report by Page Name: This tool reports which keywords each page is ranking for in every engine.

There is no substitute for hard data in your SEO campaign. Gain a better understanding of your website and your competitors' sites during the optimization process. After using the SEOToolSet®, you'll wonder how you ever did organic SEO without it.

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Supplement with Training

If you are experienced in organic search engine optimization, you may be able to pick up these SEO tools and start rebuilding your SEO strategy right away. The SEOToolSet® comes with instruction from Bruce Clay, Inc. that can guide you to a certain extent. However, we highly recommend that you attend our SEO training course at some point, especially if you plan to be a long-term user of our SEO software tool. 

SEOToolSet training is taught by SEO pioneer Bruce Clay. There, we cover in-depth lessons on how to get the most out of our tools for your campaigns to attain higher search engine rankings. Plus, the Standard SEO Training makes you eligible for the Advanced course, and then SEOToolSet® Certification. This shows your commitment to to practicing search engine friendly optimization.

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