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SEOToolSet Lite and Pro

The SEOToolSet software focuses on search engine optimization to give data-hungry SEOs the in-depth tools and reports they need. No other tool set provides more thorough data and analysis to inform your SEO efforts. Scan the SEOToolSet features listed below to discover what’s inside this powerful suite of tools.

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SEOToolSet Features Preview

Single Page Analyzer tool
Analyze On-Page SEO
The most popular tool in the SEOToolSet, the Single Page Analyzer is even smarter in Version 6. Use it to analyze any web page or HTML file and get in-depth statistics, charts, a content score, and color-coded warnings based on SEO best practices all within sortable tables. Run this tool to help with on-page optimization as you analyze:

  • Keyword usage and distribution
  • Tags and headings
  • Linking and anchor text
  • Word metrics and readability
  • Problems with cloaking, and much more

Project Dashboard in SEOToolSet
Track Projects & Collaborate with Your Team
Account administrators can authorize an unlimited number of users to access their SEOToolSet projects. An all-in-one Project Dashboard shows the status of every project and recent activity so multiple team members can see what has been done. If you upgrade to Pro, the Project Dashboard also contains a bar graph (shown to the left) to show search engine ranking changes over time, at a glance.
Crawl Errors report
Spider Your Own Site
A proprietary site spider auto-crawls your website, just as the search engines do, down to two clicks deep (five clicks deep in the Pro version). This data populates the Link Graph and Meta Details report. In addition, Pro users can also access a Crawl Errors report that can be downloaded as a CSV file.
Link Graph
Analyze Your Internal Link Structure Visually
The site spider also produces a Link Graph, letting you view your internal links on an interactive map. This new Version 6 tool helps expose the weaknesses and/or confirm the strength of your website’s organization and silo structure.
Meta Details report
Search Meta Details Sitewide
Make short work of optimizing your critical on-page components. The new Meta Details report lets you see all titles, meta tags, H1 tags and canonical elements throughout your website in a sortable, searchable table that can be exported. Use this to swiftly locate missing meta information, duplicate titles, and more sitewide.
Site Checker tool
Check Server Health
A straightforward Site Checker tool checks your server header, detects follows and redirects, exposes performance issues, displays the robots.txt file and checks for user-agent cloaking. Use it when doing regular site maintenance or even for examining the health of a competitor’s site.

Additional Features Only in SEOToolSet Pro

Monitor Your Search Engine Rankings
SEOToolSet Pro has the fastest search engine Ranking Monitor on the market, and it’s even better in Version 6. We use authorized APIs to pull unbiased ranking data directly from the top three search engines — no scraping!

  • Run the monitor on demand or set it and forget it; the Ranking Monitor can automatically run on a schedule, so you can track changes between regular time intervals.
  • Get unfiltered and unbiased ranking data across Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • For international SEO, measure rankings in your choice of dozens of market areas worldwide.
  • Stored data can be compared historically, printed and easily exported.
  • Domain Ranking reports by keyword or by page show which keywords your site is ranking for and which pages are ranking.

Competitor Ranking Reports
Track Competitor Rankings
Competitor Ranking reports let you store keyword ranking monitor data for your own pages as well as competitors. Want to add a competitor that’s just come on your radar? No problem; the SEOToolSet tracks all the top-ranked sites, so the new competitor’s past data can be added retroactively. Flexible, powerful reports let you compare by page, by keyword, by competitor or even across markets.
Multi Page Analyzer tool
Compare Many Web Pages
The Multi Page Analyzer compares optimization techniques across multiple web pages. Use this SEO tool to analyze the top-ranked URLs for a particular keyword to see what they’re doing on-page and off-page, and to get recommendations for keyword usage.
Research Summary Report
Do Competitor Research
Find out who your competitors are across search engines for your keyword topic. The Research Summary report reveals unbiased data about top-ranked domains and pages to help you compete. You can choose competitors from this SEO tool to analyze in the Multi Page Analyzer, as well.
Keyword Suggestions tool
Research Keywords
A powerful Keyword Suggestions tool finds terms semantically related to a seed keyword phrase and shows search activity, three metrics to measure competitiveness, categories and a trending chart for each. This is not your average keyword research tool. Use it for:

  • SEO research
  • Content planning
  • Discovering word associations for video descriptions
  • Finding keywords you might want to exclude from your PPC campaign, and more.

Link Reports on Backlinks
Watch Your Backlinks
The SEOToolSet integrates with Majestic analysis tools to create Link Reports on backlinks based on a fresh index, not historic. You can monitor your Trust and Citation Flow and identify your weakest inbound links before they get your site in trouble. Another tool lets you review your external links to maintain a clean link profile both in and out.
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