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There are three ways you can use our SEO tools:

  • Free samples: Select tools from the SEOToolSet suite are available for free without logging in. They’re embedded on this page and you can run them as many times as you’d like — no registration required. These are stand-alone, project-free tools, so you can use them on demand, but you can’t save and collect your data in a long-term project.
  • Free subscription: The free SEOToolSet Lite lets you save your project work and includes the full-featured Single Page Analyzer, the most comprehensive on-page SEO analysis tool available.
  • Paid subscription: SEOToolSet Pro gives you advanced tools and reports, including the professional SEO’s essential Ranking Monitor, for just $89 a month.

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Below are 10 free SEO tools that help you test, analyze and boost your SEO strategy, from keyword research tools to competitor analysis to diagnostic server-level reports. All of these free-version tools run instantly on this page, with no downloads or registration required. We call these our free tool samples because you can run them without registration before signing your site up for the free SEOToolSet Lite. Try one or all of these free tools and reports:

We invite you to use these free search engine optimization tools as often as you like, so bookmark this page. Note: These are lightweight versions of the tools available in the SEOToolSet Lite and Pro suites. To protect server performance, results are truncated for some of these embedded reports.

Need more power but still want free tools? Sign up for the SEOToolSet Lite! You can subscribe to SEOToolSet Lite for free, and upgrade anytime to SEOToolSet Pro, the tools the SEO analysts at Bruce Clay, Inc. use every day. Why wait? It’s easy to start using your own suite of SEO tools right away.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Looking for more keyword ideas? For any seed keyword, the Keyword Suggestion tool delivers related words and phrases pulled from actual search query data. Search engines look for semantically rich content to judge the expertness of a website, so you want to include topic-appropriate synonyms and associated words.

Enter your top keywords one at a time below. You’ll get 20 suggestions to enhance your keyword research. The tool also delivers data like average monthly search volume (Activity), cost per click (CPC), and click-through rate (CTR) to help you gauge how valuable and competitive each term might be.


Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool

Continue your keyword research with a Search Engine Optimization/KSP tool to get keyword statistics that assist with search engine marketing decisions. This tool measures a keyword’s popularity by showing approximately how often people search for it in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and across all engines (Activity), monthly.

Consider these numbers as proportionate, rather than exact; for example, a keyword with 10,000 total queries is roughly twice as popular as a keyword with 5,000. Pay-per-click CTR (click-through rate) and CPC (cost per click) rates are given to help reveal the competitiveness of each keyword. Roll over each keyword to see its search demographics and learn more about a keyword’s target audience. Each keyword’s top search engine categories are also viewable.

Enter up to 12 keyword phrases, one per line or separated by commas, and click Run KSP.

Please enter keywords — comma or line separated (max 12):

SEOToolSet Keyword Statistics

Keyword Google Yahoo Search Bing Activity CTR CPC Categories

Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword

Find out who your top competitors are for each keyword with the Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword tool. Enter a single key word or phrase, one at a time, in the free tool below. You’ll see the unbiased, non-personalized top-10 ranked sites (domains) and the top-ranking individual pages in, and search results.

SEOToolSet Top Domains

Domain PR AllInTitle Pages Indexed Inbound Links Google Yahoo Search Bing

Individual Pages Ranked

Page URL Google Yahoo Search Bing

Single Page Analyzer

For SEO, it is critical that you identify the best keywords used on your competitors’ top-ranking pages. Enter a URL below to run the Single Page Analyzer tool and analyze any web page (the competition’s or your own). You’ll see:

  • Title and meta tag information
  • Text metrics and readability
  • Frequently used words and phrases (the top 30 or so)

The Single Page Analyzer is the most popular of our free SEO tools. SEOToolSet subscribers get the tool on steroids, with a complete keyword list and many more tabs of data (learn about subscribing).

SEOToolSet Tag Information

Tag Word Count Stop Words Used Words Length Contents

Text Metrics and Readability

Metric Value Description

Word Phrase Usage

Keyword Title Meta Desc Meta Keywords Headings ALT Tags First Words Body Words All Words

SEO Multi-Page Information Tool

Want a swift way to see the critical on-page elements for a bunch of web pages, all in one place? The SEO Multi-Page Information tool shows the page title, meta description and meta keywords, H1 and canonical tags for up to six pages. Enter up to six URLs (one per line) and click Get Data.

Domain Indexing Report

Research up to six sites at once with the Domain Indexing Report. Designed to show how strong your competition is at a glance, this report gives the approximate PageRank (authority based on links) of each site, plus the depth of site indexing across the top search engines.







SEOToolSet Domain Indexing Report

Domain PR Total Google Yahoo Search Bing Pages Indexed Chart

Check Server Page

When search engine spiders visit your website, it’s important to make sure they can crawl around easily and index the maximum number of pages possible. Use the Check Server Page tool to quickly verify the spiderability of your site. After reading the server’s response headers, the tool reports any potential roadblocks that could cause a problem for search engine spiders. You can run it anytime as a precaution, but it’s especially useful before you submit your site to search engines for indexing new content.

Knowing what’s under your server’s hood can help you keep your site humming. A clean server ensures the best possible environment for search engine indexing as well as user experience.

Enter the URL of any web page to run the Check Server Page tool below. Redirects (301 redirects are OK, but all other types are not recommended) and any problems detected will include the server error codes and other details, so you can resolve issues that could impact your website’s ranking and visibility in search results.

SEOToolSet Server Header Check Report

Header Value

Other Info

Link Analysis Report

The Link Analysis Report lets you see who is linking to a particular web page. You can use it to research links to a competitor’s page and compare them to your own page’s backlinks. Websites that link to a top-ranked page might also be good candidates to link to yours, but be sure to fully research each link. You only want to attract backlinks from established websites with content directly related to the content being linked to in your website.

SEOToolSet Link Analysis Report

Page URL Google Yahoo Search Bing

Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report

Once you find out who your competition is, here’s a free tool that shows how tough those ranking sites might be to beat. Use our Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report to see how many unique pages are indexed in the major search engines for the site, as well as how many backlinks it has.

Enter any URL below and click Status Report. Run each of your top-ranked competitors’ sites, and then compare their results with your own.

SEOToolSet Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report

Search Engine Pages Indexed Inbound Links

SEO Cloaking Checker

Cloaking refers to the practice of showing one version of a web page to humans, but a different version to search engine spiders. For search engine optimization, cloaking is generally considered bad practice and should be avoided. Search engines want to index what the user sees, and can get pretty suspicious and even levy penalties if they think something deceptive is going on.

Enter your site below to check for cloaking in the eyes of various search engines and web browsers. If you find any cloaking issues, we suggest you investigate and resolve them appropriately.

SEOToolSet Page Cloaking Report

URL Google Yahoo Search Bing Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Google Chrome
= No cloaking found, = Cloaking found. You may need to check the site for the specific user-agent.

If you like how these free SEO tools work for you …

The full SEOToolSet has even more powerful functions including a Multi Page Analyzer, a best-in-class Ranking Monitor, and a Link Map for inbound link analysis. You get SEO-focused data that tracks your SEO progress with scheduled reports. These tools also go the extra mile to provide analysis based on search engine best practices.

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