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Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool

The Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool provides keyword statistics that assist with search engine marketing decisions. This tool measures a keyword's popularity by showing daily approximations of how often each keyword is searched in the major search engines, derived from monthly statistics.

It's best to consider these numbers as proportionate, rather than exact; for example, a keyword with 10,000 total queries will be roughly twice as popular as a keyword with 5,000 searches. Click-through and cost-per-click rates are given to help determine the competitiveness of each keyword. Roll over each keyword to see its search demographics and learn more about a keyword's target audience. 

Each keyword's top three search engine categories are also viewable. Enter up to 12 keyword phrases at a time, one per line or separated by commas, and click "Run KSP." Search counts and other statistics are displayed in a table below.

Please enter keywords -- comma or line separated (max 12):

SEOToolSet® Keyword Statistics
Keyword Google Yahoo Live Total CTR CPC Categories

Check Server Page

When search engine spiders come to your website, you want to make sure they can crawl around easily to index the maximum number of pages possible. The Check Server Page tool lets you quickly verify the spiderability of your site. It reads the server's response headers and detects any potential roadblocks.

The report identifies redirects if they exist, and server issues that could cause problems for search engine spiders. It also displays the server status and other details for your reference. It's good to know what's under your server's hood, since a clean server provides the best possible environment for search engine indexing as well as for your users.

Enter the URL of a Web page to check server. If the tool detects any problems, it reports the applicable server error codes and descriptions along with other information, so that you can resolve them. This information is helpful since the engines may reduce a website's rankings if Web server errors are encountered.

SEOToolSet® Server Header Check Report
Header Value

Other Info

Page Analyzer

It is critical that you identify the best search terms and keywords used on your competitors' sites. Use the Page Analyzer tool to research the competition.

SEOToolSet® Tag Information
Tag Word Count Stop Words Used Words Length Contents

Text Metrics and Readability
Metric Value Description

Word Phrase Usage
Keyword Title Meta Desc Meta Keywords Headings ALT Tags First Words Body Words All Words

Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report

After you have found out who your competition is, see how many unique pages are ranked in the Top 10 in the major search engines. Then compare it with how many pages you have.

SEOToolSet® Pages Indexed and Inbound Links Report
Search Engine Pages Indexed Inbound Links

Link Analysis Report

You can also see who links to your competitors and who links to you. Chances are that if the website has linked to your competitor, it might be a good candidate to link to you. Remember to fully research each link. You only want links from established websites with content that is directly related to the content of your website. Just because your competitor has joined a link farm doesn't mean that you should, too.

SEOToolSet® Link Analysis Report
Page URL Google Yahoo Search Bing

Top-Ranked Websites by Keyword

SEOToolSet® Top Domains
Domain PR AllInTitle Pages Indexed Inbound Links Google Yahoo Search Bing

Individual Pages Ranked
Page URL Google Yahoo Search Bing

Domain Indexing Report


SEOToolSet® Domain Indexing Report
Domain PR Total Google Yahoo Search Bing Pages Indexed Chart

SEO Cloaking Checker

SEOToolSet® Page Cloaking Report
URL Google Yahoo Search Bing Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Google Chrome

= No cloaking found, = Cloaking found. You may need to check the site for the specific user-agent.

View Page Source

This tool allows you to view the source code of any available file on the Web.


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